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Mistakes to Avoid When Training for an Obstacle Race

Participating in an obstacle race can be a great way of indulging the child within you. Like all children, you too will want to enjoy a great day outdoors and may even harbour secret wishes of winning the event. However, Tough Mudder training program in Sydney is certainly no child’s play although it offers plenty of fun; excitement and entertainment for the participants. It is rather a gruelling challenge that will more than sap the juices out of you. You need to be prepared mentally and physically for the tough terrain ahead if you really want to enjoy this physically demanding race and soak in the ambience without falling sick midway.

Training for Obstacle Race

Obstacle race is perhaps one of the most challenging races that will really test your endurance, stamina and determination to go ahead in the face of all difficulties. It is certainly not easy and you must train for at a month in order to toughen your physique for the task ahead. Training will also harden you mentally and it will be easier for you to take on any challenge offered by the course. However, certain common mistakes are likely to compromise the benefits of training and these are to be avoided at all cost.

Tough Mudder training program in Sydney

Training without a Specific Goal

This is a common mistake made by first-time trainers who don’t take training seriously enough. Do understand that there is no point in training if you don’t understand what you are training for and how to go about it. The best way would be to get an idea beforehand of the challenges of the track and preparing a plan of how to tackle it. DF elite obstacle race training in Sydney program includes specific timelines for completing each course of the track so that you will know exactly where you stand at the end of each challenge. Talk to your trainer about how many times you should train per week and your goals for the event in order to set specific goals.

Not Combining Cardio and Strength Training

As part of your training, you will need to develop both your stamina and muscular strength. Merely developing muscles without improving overall endurance will not see you through till the very end. You must combine cardiovascular workouts with strength training in order to make your training really apt and effective for Tough Mudder training program in Sydney.

 Practice interval training as part of your cardio workout as this is an effective way of acclimatising your body with unexpected challenges and rigours of obstacle racing.For strength training, use a combination of different exercises such as squats; lunges; push-ups etc that allow you to work on each and every muscle group of your body. Ideally, try to devote seventy percent of your training schedule to cardio and the rest to strength training.

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Not Eating Correctly

Exercise and training has to be supplemented with the right diet for best results. Your body must get adequate nutrition and energy when you are training for something as rigorous as obstacle racing.Diet should include all day meal plans and also stamina-enhancing supplements for both before and after the training session. Your trainer  from will help you draw up an effective diet plan depending on your age, physical condition and training goal.